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Master Rudy Ibarra has thirty-five years experience training in martial arts. He began his training with traditional Okinawan Shorei Ryu Karate in high school. After earning his black belt and moving to New York City, he met Winston George Whittaker of traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate. Rudy studied privately with him for seven years during which time he received his black belt.

In 1995, after having researched and understood the roots of Okinawan Karate, Rudy began studying Chinese martial arts. He started with Shi Yang Ming of Shaolin Kungfu in New York City�fs Chinatown. After a year of training at the school, Chen Ying, a teacher from southern China, was invited by the Shaolin Kungfu school to teach Ziranmen and Contemporary Wushu. A year after teaching at the Shaolin school, Chen Ying opened his own school, where Rudy continued his study of Ziranmen and Contemporary Wushu.

In 1998 Rudy traveled to China to study Contemporary Wushu at the Beijing Physical Education University. During the summer break he also visited the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. After thirteen months of studying Contemporary Wushu, he returned to the states to focus solely on the traditional style of Ziranmen.

In 2001, seeking further study, Rudy returned to Beijing. This time, it was to pursue his studies in traditional kungfu and did this by attending three schools simultaneously: Qing Hua University to study Chinese language; Beijing Physical Education University to study with Master Li Yin Dong both Xing Yi Fist and Two handed Straightsword; and private lessons from Master Liu Chang Jiang to learn Wu Style Taiji.

After a semester of studying Chinese language and internal martial arts, Rudy traveled to both Hunan Province in central China and Fujian Province in Southern China to seek further knowledge and to meet masters of the Ziranmen style. Many of Wan Laisheng�fs former students can be found teaching in the various parks and universities within the city of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province. By introduction from the Martial Arts Federation of Fuzhou, Rudy met one of Wan Laisheng�fs main disciples of twenty-six years, Grandmaster Lu Yao Qin. Lu Yao Qin was the first to formally open a Ziranmen school in Fuzhou with the direction and auspices of Wan Laisheng.

Rudy was the first westerner to be accepted by Grandmaster Lu Yao Qin as a formal student, where he trained twice a day and seven days a week: hand forms, weapons, nei gong, conditioning, and combat. While in Fuzhou, he also attended the Fuzhou University to continue his Chinese language studies.

Rudy returned to New York City at the beginning of 2003. Since then, he continues to make annual three month trips to China to pursue his studies of Ziranmen with Grandmaster Lu YaoQin.

Shifu Rudy demonstrating NINE PROVINCE STAFF
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