Joshua's Journal
USA Student who has been living and studying in China with Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin for the last three years.

1. Saber - Movements need to be better connected and need more practice 2. Saber vs. Hand - More nimble, more agile 3. Sparring - Feet need to lift and increase mobility and agility

1. Triple Punch – Shifu says my footwork is too twisted, my butt is too much to one side and should be centered behind. The rhythm of the punches should be 123 all at once. The second punch is the most powerful and is the main attack, the third punch is mostly to maintain a distance between the enemies counter and your withdrawal. 2. Inclined Kick (Cetitui) – I asked Shifu whether or not the standing heel should lift when kicking. Shifu said “How does it feel ? Which way has more power?” I feel that it is best not to come up on your toes when kicking because I feel that pressing off the ground I can generate more power. 3. Backhand Counterattack – Sink and swallow your body. Shifu reminded me of the Ziranmen poem. 4. Practical Staff – The body needs to MOVE, needs to be alive and agile. Use the body. You shouldn’t be pulled or pushed out of bow stance, it must be low and stable, must grasp the ground. 5. Eight-step Hook – Practice more.

1. Punching – When extending in a punch, make sure that the body does not raise up out of your stance. Again, I asked Shifu whether or not the back heel should rise, Shifu responded that it is best not to come up too much but what is important is to not change the shape and structure of your stance, the inward positioning of the knees is of particular importance. 2. Inclined Kick (Cetitui) plus double punch – Two hands should not be affected by the kick, instead they should remain in a defensive position but still THREATENING to the opponent. Your opponent shouldn’t be able to determine whether you want to punch or kick or charge. After the leg is kicked it should be retracted into the body (swallow) and then the two punches are spat out. 3. Practical Fist – From Sitting Stance to Bow Stance should be one swift movement. The back foot should not have to be adjusted. 4. Practical Staff – Shifu says the first movement must involve the whole body as if you are throwing someone over your back. With this in mind, I took Will over to the grass and threw him over my back several times. Afterwards I had a better feeling of the movement. Master smiled contently. 5. Six Harmony Fist – White Crane Spreads Wings movement – hand should be more to the sides and not infront of the shoulders. Arms should be slightly bent with the elbows pointing down, and the whole movement should be implicit (han2xu4).

1. 8-Step Hook – Cross-hand (1st movement) foot work should be longer, shoulders sunk and forward, hands in the center. 2. 8-Step Hook – Palm Chop (2nd movement) foot work should also be long 3. Six-harmony fist – The first movement into Empty Stance – Using the stones of Yushan Mountain, the back of the back foot should be on the back line of the stone. The front foot should not go outside the lines of the lines of the borders of the stone. 4. Practical Staff form.

1. Practical Staff 2. Practical Fist 3. Double Punch 4. Sparring – Pay attention to the back hand. The goal of this specific sparring exercise is to improve defensive intention. Body should be swallowed, sunk, the shoulders should rotate and switch. When you feel that no one can punch you, you have succeeded. 5. Counterattack.

1. Fundamentals 2. Punching 3. Inclined Kicks 4. Jab and Inclined Kick – Jab should be fast and extended. Opponent should feel threatened. 5. Shovel Kick 6. Six-harmony Fist – Stability is key 7. Practical Staff – When the footing is stable, the body method follows, as does the power of the staff. If the footing is not stable, the staff is not threatening. 8. Practical Fist – Needs to be ferocious, but first you need spirit. PI strike make sure your are in nei-kou position, protecting the crotch. Liu He in
tention, opening of the eyes and coordination has to be present in our fighting as well.

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